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    First pwc rxpx 255

    Bought an 08 rxpx 255 61 hours, needed new battery, plugs as one was fouled and sucked out year old gas hasn't been run in 14 months. Put a couple hours on today it's a blast saw 70 a couple times.

    was pulling 7650 is this right? I thought it would pull 8000, elevation is 3000ft if that matters.
    do I need to do anything else from having sat 14 months?

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    do you plan on staying at 3000 ft?
    may need to re-pitch to see 8000+

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    Yes 3000. What would you recommend, Only mods I was looking at were free flow exhaust and intake.

    i would like to get a heavy duty impeller if there is such a thing our lake is fine gravel bottom, I am sure kids will suck rocks through it eventually.

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