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    Wavejammer Newbie

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm a college student that is brand new to Jet Ski'ing and I am seeking some advice. I just got my first ski which is a 1989 Yamaha Wavejammer, it is older then I am. My plan is to spend the winter fixing it up and repainting it, putting down some new Hydro Turf and doing some engine work. I recently started this fall/winter project and just hit my first road block. This afternoon was the first time this ski has been started in the past 3 years. When I started it there was a lot of, what I would call, white smoke coming out of the ski by the Jet Pump/exhaust. My question is could this be a dirty carburetor, some old gas and oil in the lines and filter or something else? As I said I am completely new and I am really looking forward to using my first ski next season so I would really appreciate any and all constructive advice you have. Thank you!

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    There's a reason that people "lovingly" call a 2-stroke engine a 2 smoke. There is oil mixed with the gas, so it will always smoke. But it should be kinda blue-ish.

    Now, if the ski has been sitting for a while, the old gas may also be contributing to that. While you're doing all of your work to it this winter, see if you can get it all out and then replace it with new gas when you are ready to crank it up. Don't forget to mix your 2-stroke oil in with the gas--unless it has injection. Then just put the oil in the reservoir.

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    Jammer's are premix. The engine may have been fogged for storage which would contribute to some extra smoke.

    Some fresh mixed gas, a new fuel filter, new plugs, lube all the cables & run it. Those 500cc engines are hard to kill. I have a Jammer with more hours on it then I could possibly total in my head over all these years of owning.

    Some have done a 650cc engine conversion with the the stock pump w/ Factory performance pipe.

    OP you should look into the Yamaha Waveblaster!!! Best sport ski out there.

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    Most likely fogging oil. I would be more concerned if there was no smoke.

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