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    2006 STX 15F Pump Housing

    Hi guys,

    I pulled the pump out today as I am installing a new impeller (solas 13/19). Anyway, after removal, I noticed that the original impeller hit the inside on the housing when rotating.

    Now, I have been looking looking for a new housing and have come across three different part numbers. There is 59496-3756 which has been superceeded by 59496-0001 and then there is 59496-0074 which also superceeded the 59496-3756 pump. Am I correct to thinking that all three would be identical?

    I want to order the new one asap, I am located in Australia so I need to ship from the states. I can find the 59496-0074 for $223.25 plus shipping.



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    You want the 0074 pump, its the superceeded part for the 2006 & is the current part for the 2012 & newer skis, the only difference is that the machined area on the inside will hold 2 bearings instead of the one that the 2006 has. I just put this pump in my 2006 & I went with the newer setup of 2 bearings, the only other part needed to do this change is the impeller shaft. With the single bearing there was a small amount of flexing movement(impeller touching pump) with the 2 bearing setup it is solid & cannot move, I would go this route if you have to replace the pump, it will last much longer, the load from the impeller is now shared among 2 bearings, there was always a danger that if the one bearing setup failed it could damage the engine, with 2 bearings it should never happen.

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    I just rang the local Kawasaki dealer here, they have Remanufactured pump housing with new bearings etc for AU$499. I asked for the 0074 housing which I am sure has been superceeded by the 0001 part (judging by when adding the 0074 item to cart on it changes to 0001). I am thinking of going down that path as it is going to cost more to purchase all the parts brande new and ship them over.

    The brand is SBT. Checking the SBT site they are $349.95 but don't list the 2012 pump with double bearing..

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    Alright sweet as. I think I might just get it replaced. In the midst of all of this I have now bought a 2014 STX 15F with only 10 hours on it and still have 29 months warranty on it.

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