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    Everything Counts: 2014 Sea-Doo GTR 215

    When every nickle and dime matters, getting the utmost out of your investment is often a nerve-racking enterprise. Each aspect needs to be evaluated, weighed and decided. Needs usually veto wants, and compromises are made to satisfy both parties. While not everything from Column A can be had, the entirety of Column B is equally piecemealed. Of course, for those with the means of making a purchase solely upon passion, not so much. With a wave of a checkbook or plastic credit card, seemingly whatever your heart’s desire can be yours.

    Sea-Doo’s 2014 GTR 215 is exactly targeted for those in the first group (although, all are welcome to it). The lowest entry in BRP’s Performance musclecraft lineup, the GTR is a skillfully balanced option for those looking for seat-of-your-pants thrills while not exhausting the family budget. The GTR is also a primed candidate for aftermarket modification if the temptation to tinker becomes too much to resist (but more on that later). In its showroom stock form, the 215-horsepower GTR is possibly our personal favorite machine from Sea-Doo, and not for the reasons you might think.

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