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Thread: 300X help!

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    300X help!

    Alright guys I'm lost and in need of some advice. I've got a 2011 ultra 300x. Stock besides the riva override module. It has approx 60 hours..

    I was riding over the weekend, everything was normal while cruising at about 60, all of a sudden I lost power and basically hit the handlebars. I went again and instantly heard a rougher idle and couldn't get over 30 mph give or take a few. I have no error codes or lights on. I immediately took her out of the water. Plugs were good, compression was good in all 4. Supercharger was still producing full boost. Battery was tight, pulled the exhaust filter and couldn't see any signs of damage. Oil was full. No leaks in the hull, no loose ic piping, etc. I am LOST! Any ideas on what to try next before I take it in to a dealer. Thanks

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    check the pump , you might suck up something blocking the impleller

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    What were the RPM's at?

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    Quote Originally Posted by riveride View Post
    check the pump , you might suck up something blocking the impleller
    Yep might have something stuck in there,take a flashlight and look around closely ...

    When you say full boost your engaging full throttle on the trailer with a flush hose ?..can't see how you can and not advisable to do on the trailer...

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    I didn't chexk the rpm's in the water. And I checked full boost once I hit the bars on the second pull. It'll pull up to 30 at full boost and stay at full boost I just lose speed. And I crawled under and checked with a flashlight, can't see a thing

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