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    2008 gti 130 sea doo

    been having electrical issues... battery doesn't charge on ski. Have new battery starts runs great eventually get low battery and a PO526 code. Ive changed rectifier, however it was used off of a rxp.. mech said they were the same thing.. however battery still drained and fried all the water out of it... im guessing its the stator but big expense to get done... also searched all over the world for a new rectifier and was unable to locate one so settled on the used.. in information would be helpful.. is there anyway to trouble shoot the stator without testing equipment. like on a car.. disconnect the battery and the alternator will keep it running if it is good... thanks

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    having the water boil out is a sign of _overcharging_

    regulators are readily available, you in Europe or something like that?

    DO NOT disconnect the battery while the engine is running, you will damage all the electronics for sure, that is REALLY OLD SCHOOL testing when cars had generators, not alternators.

    Without test tools, your only option is guesses..expensive ones at that.

    Break down and buy a $crappy voltmeter and start measuring:

    1-voltage at battery with engine running
    2-voltage on the three yellow wires that connect near the read of the engine ( those are the stator feeds) can also measure the a/c output at the voltage regulator ( again, the three yellow wires) those yellow wires should show a/c voltage between them.

    I have no doubt you got sold a defective regulator

    the only fault that will come from the stator is no charging, not overcharging ( which boils the electrolyte out of the battery)

    order a regulator, replace it and go from there.

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    I have contacted many sources for a rectifier for my model.. no one has them.. seriously.. if you know of a source please tell me.. its a gti 130 2006, I put wrong year... that's why I bought the used one as all they had.. im not cheap.. will buy new.. and thanks for the information... I also failed to mention a couple times when I turned it off something in the front of the engine kept running.. like a fan or stater spinning... put the key in a couple times and hit start ..which it wouldn't .. then it went off and it would start...
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    don't get hung up on getting THAT specific regulator....for those that haven't seen it, this particular model has a regulator that mounts on the airbox with the cooling fins placed into the stream of incoming air, likely some attempt to counter issues during bad battery years where regulators popped often( as they still do)

    ANY 4-tec regulator is suitable, you may have to get some other mounting hardware.

    where are you located?

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