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    Hull Repair - 2014 Yamaha VX Cruiser

    One of our VX Waverunners has a couple nicks in the bottom. The nicks are small - the largest one is about 4-5 mm. They are right on the keel on the bottom of the hull. They are pretty shallow, but I know they should be repaired.

    I have been reading up on repairing it and wanted to see if anyone had any input.

    Here were the steps I was going to take:

    1. Clean and sand the area with 600 grit sandpaper to prep the area directly around the nicks.
    2. Use the Marine Tex Flex Set Epoxy with black color dye to fill in the small nicks - smooth using putty tools and form.
    3. Let it cure. then sand and smooth out the repair
    4. Not sure if I am going to paint it. With the black dye and how small the spots are I was just going to polish it with fine sandpaper and then add several layers of wax on the hull.

    My main concern is this is the NanoXcel hull and its a little different from what I read. Others seem to have had success with epoxy.

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    I work with epoxy a lot (boatbuilding) and have in the past repaired a small ding in nano pretty much as described - it will work well. Maybe mask around the area to prevent epoxy going further than you want, I just use a tongue depressor to ensure the tool is too soft to scratch undamaged areas, and smooth well before cure then skip sanding afterwards... it will look pretty good and eliminate the risk of going too far with sandpaper.

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    I think Water is to abrasive for Nano

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