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    New to PWC

    I am brand new to PWC, in fact, I don't own one yet. I am looking at a 1994 POLARIS SLT 750. Should I decide to buy, what should I look for? The advertisement said the engine has been rebuilt, as well as carbs and the water pump. I have not seen this vehicle or talked to anyone yet. Any help is appreciated.

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    Welcome to GH!

    Great first ski! It was mine too! I love the 3-seater SLT 750. Good size, can tow, decent speed (mid-40's), stable in the water.

    Start your Polaris learning here:

    And after you buy it. Plan to do some basic maintenance before you toss it in the lake and zoom!


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    The SLT 750 is a classic watercraft for a new Polaris owner. There are many around and used parts are generally available.

    See my signature links and the Polaris Tech sections on Greenhulk. Lots of info to read through.

    Be sure to read about and actually do the recommended maintenance. These engines really do require the fuel system to be 100%. It is easy to damage the engine with a dirty or poorly maintained fuel system, even if the engine seems to be running ok. Lean burn piston damage can happen in minutes.

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