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    97 hurricane

    possibly going to look at a hurricane? it runs and comes with a trailer. owner claims it takes on water when sitting in the water. claims no damage to hull? claims no lose hoses or fittings on engine? i am not real familiar with hurricanes. so that possibly leaves where the cables or through hull fittings or where drive shaft comes through ? any body with hurricane experience could you please chime in on this. thanks in advance!!!

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    Worn drive shaft seals (and bushings) are common water leak points.

    Loose or missing speedometer hose at the pitot nipple under the drive shaft, or broken nipple.

    The Hurricane has a really long drive shaft and the 1997 also has an extra drive shaft support bearing. That bearing may also be worn.

    The stock Hurricane hull has a strong tendency to porpoise up and down. Adding a ride plate extension (several inches welded on the rear) really helps stabilize the ride. That said, it is often a wet ride with lots of bow spray.

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