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    98 SLH 700 Full throttle Uncommanded

    Has been over three years since it was last used or even started.
    Upon Inspection Found:
    1. Battery - dead (R&R'd),
    2. Fuel Tank - half full (removed both carbs and clean the the jets and inspected diaphragms for damage and any other debris, then reinstalled).
    3. Both carb brackets were broken so I made two out of k-stock material and reinstalled.
    4. Discovered Intake manifold broken at PTO (rear carb) R&R'd Manifold.
    5. Oil leaking out of top Sensing unit at tank. Pushed the unit back down into the tank and kept popping back out. Apparently tank or sensing unit plug is worn, so I bonded the two together with a two part adhesive.
    6. Injected several ounces of two stroke oil into each cylinder and spun the motor over several times to insure piston, rings and cylinder walls were well lubricated. Installed new spark plugs.
    7. Added a couple of gallons of fuel along with some octane booster and hit the "start" button. Did not start...
    8. Commenced adding fuel/oil priming direct to both carbs and after three or four cycles it finally took the prime and kept running... At 7400 rpm, with hand off of throttle. I did an immediate shut down and checked carb cable attachments to verify path and correct location. Did not discover anything out of place.

    I have performed multiple starts and is very responsive when engaging the start button, but immediately it goes to 7400 rpm. Wt* is going on? I have not put it in water as it needs registration and a new sticker for the trailer and I'm not on a first name basis with the local yocals, so I hooked up the hose pipe and added some fittings from Lowe's to pipe in the water. Still exhibits the same problem of WOT without touching the throttle. So after hearing this long and protracted history story, can someone enlighten me as to what I have missed, or is it just so happy to see me and this is how it shows its excitement? Yeah right, try another beer instead...

    Any input or thoughts are appreciated,
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    Welcome to the Hulk!! Lots of good reading here... Http://

    Are the throttle butterflies fully closed at rest? There should be an idle speed adjustment screw to set them to a closed position. Make sure they are properly syncronized so that both butterflies close at the same time, the full amount. If they are fully closed, and it still revs up, you have a large air leak somewhere.

    Do you have the proper gaskets between the crankcase, the reeds, and the intake manifold? The carbs and the intake manifold?

    Were the carbs assembled to the intake manifold before the rails were tightened to ensure they are both fully seated on the manifold?

    Are your crank seals shot? Did you perform a leak down test?

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    Thanks BlueFishCrisis they were out of sync. Got them talking to each other now, but I figure I better set the idle when I put it in water. It's currently idling about 2200. What is the best way (optimum) in syncing the carbs? I read where you should stick an .060 gauge or rod tween the throttle plates for setting. Your thoughts?

    Thanks again for your help and input,

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    I use a 1/16" drill bit, the smooth end not the drill end. Set the idle speed screw so it just catches the bit. Then adjust the carbs to each other so the close the same amount. I have found on the 3 cylinder Fuji motors that about 3k RPM out of the water puts you around 1200 RPM in the water. It may vary for your 2 cylinder model, but will likely get you in the right ball park. You will then need to make final idle adjustments either strapped to the trailer in the water (recommended) or out on the water riding with the seat off.....

    See the following starting at post 26. Different carbs, but same concept...

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