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    2002 1200 STX-R Fuel Flow problems & when to rebuild?

    Hi All,
    I have a 2002 STX-R which starves for fuel anytime below 1/4 tank. It will run up to 7000rpm and then back down to 6500 rpms. When the fuel light is on, it will run up to 7000 rpm after idling for a few seconds and then drop back to about 4000rpm. If you gun it when the fuel light is on, you will only get the 4000rpms. I replaced the fuel filter to...this helped quite a bit but it still runs out of gas. Is this a fuel pump issue or filter issue or pick up tube sock issue?

    Next question....have about 150 hours on the motor. When should it be re-ringed?
    Thanks for any guidance. Runs great will anything over 1/4 of a tank. Engine has never been touched.

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    Your fuel light is on why are you trying to push it? Your starving the engine of fuel. Are you on on or reserve?

    I think the problem is the ski is low on fuel. 2002 comes stock with a 14 gallon tank, in my ski I upgraded the 14 gallon tank to a later 16.5 gallon tanks

    With that said have delt with a similar issue, my ultra has done it and it was solved with a new fuel filter. When the fuel gets low any junk at the bottom of the Tank can get sucks up. Change the filter and pull the pick up in the tank up just to make sure the screens are clean and jn good shape.

    Check the compression and see where you stand, normally a healthy 1200 has between 110-120. Depending on the guage
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    Its typically 1/4 tank or less gives me a problem. The new filter was the correct part number but a smaller diameter filter. The original filter looks to be a mesh screen where the new filter is appears to be paper based media.

    so no cronic issues with fuel pumps? Winterizing the ski shortly and will check compression them.

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    No issues with the pumps at all. Could possibly be the guage is in correct and you think you have more fuel then you do. My guage on both my skis are always all over the place. Probably wouldn't hurt to open those carbs up and inspect. I use a smaller high flow see threw filter made by visi filter, I also swap all the fuel lines out for poly lines and you can actually see the flow of fuel

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    You can extend the fuel lines inside the gas tank also and use fuel bunks I beleive they're called. Just little filters in the ends of the fuel lines. This makes it so no need to use reserve tank also and will help. Problem is getting to the fuel tank on a ultra 150 is a pain in the u know what!!

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    His problem is with an stxr. To get that tank out all you have yo do is remove the engine and it slides right out

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    So by doing this you are not only picking up junk to your carbs. You are also damaging your motor.
    Your motor is cooled in the cylinders by the fuel oil mix. When you get are bubbles or no fuel in one cylinder or any you are taking away it's lubrication and cooling.
    Putting premature wear on your cylinders.

    You can actually damage a cylinder enough to fully damage it and drop compression to half of what it should be or a dead hole completely.

    Keep fuel in the tank.

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