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    Thumbs up camshaft oem or RIVA or webcam

    i need a question for max speed OEM ,riva or WEBCAM camshaft
    if is oem what degree for max RPM ?
    sho engine lolllll

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    More info would help... You referring to both cams or just intake or just exhaust?

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    intake and exhaust
    i need a good set up for more power in hight RPM 8500 TO 9200

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    jd1 runs webcams almost to 10000rpm with close to 600hp... All custom though, id assume. Web can probably set you up with what ever you need. Call them and find out.

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    Cam's really need to have a grind that is designed for your setup. A turbo cam will have a different grind then a SC cam. Your best bet is to speak with one of the companies that offers different cam specs and go over what you are doing and let them recommend a grind that will work best with your setup.

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    thanks guy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocketman View Post
    R2 From R&D is one of the best setups out there. they make good power with out killing the valve train. You will see good power bump from bottom to top. guarantee it. talk to Gleen about gears and set up. Perfect for the rpm you want to run.

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