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    Help!!! 2004 Polaris MSX 110--will crank but not start!!!!

    Had the IFB module replaced and PPU. It started fine a month ago and ran up to 3500 rpm at about 7 mph and it idled fine 1500-1550 rpm---thinking bad wastegate; however, the spring works fine & arm moves freely and doesn't appear to be frozen. Now cannot get it to start? It acts like it wants to turn over but just doesn't start. There are no warning lights coming on the dash---no red light staying on. No warning lights on dash; it acts as though it's not getting gas to the plugs to fire? Doesn't seem that fuel is pushing through the fuel lines to the plugs? I hope this makes sense....drained out old gas, checked battery 12+ reading, cleaned the both mapping sensors; they both seemed to have some tacky film on them and left reside on my fingers...all fuses are good not blown. What else could I check? This jetski ran fine up until the fuel rail broke. Replaced the fuel rail, updated with new oil tank, as the other tank went bad and installed new plugs....So, I'm stuck. Any suggestions? jetski has 43 hours on it and is pristine condition. So, where to go from here? Help.

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    A 3400-3500 rpm limit is the ECU enforced reverse limit. If your still getting this limit while not engaged in reverse (i.e. forward)... then it sounds very much like a bad SIFB. You mention replacing the IFB... you mean the SIFB (above the battery)? Did you replace it with one of newer aftermarket "BT-5033" SIFBs or a used one? If you got a used one... and your still seeing this 3400 rpm limit... I'd suspect the replacement SIFB might be bad.

    Curious... why did you replace the PPU? Did you replace the actual black box PPU where the throttle cable goes... or it PPU IFB module plugged into the wiring harness?

    What is the battery voltage (measured across the battery) WHILE cranking the engine? Many weak battery's measure 12v+ while sitting, but drop low under load.

    What's the story with your ski? Did you buy it broke? When did it last run properly?

    Another thing you can do to trouble shoot. Pull coils and plugs out and pop plugs back in coils and ground them... then crank it. You seeing good spark?

    You an also pull the fuel injector rail off the head (leaving injectors on the rail)... wrap the injector tips with some shop rags and crank it over. Are the injectors spraying? Do you hear the fuel pump hum (pressurize the lines) when you put the lanyard in and tap the starter (don't start it)?

    This is where I'd start. Give us more info and we'll point you along.


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