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    2008 CTX-215 limited stumbling and hesitating

    Took my new (to me) 2008 GTX-215 Limited out for its first ride today. Ski has 6 hours on it. Had it checked at the local Sea Doo dealership before buying - mechanic said it's like new - compression good, plugs good. Changed the oil and said I'm good to go.

    Well, the engine was hesitating and stumbling while accelerating today on the water; got it to 40mpg at 5000rpm (learner key) but it kept doing this.

    Any thoughts what to look for?


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    that ski has sat a lot!
    here is my keyboard mechanic opinion
    change the plugs first and if its does not change anything
    it could be the fuel pump

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    learning key will make the ski act funny-- try the regular key and report back...

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    Learning key limits ski to around 5000 rpm,then the stumbling you are feeling is rev limiter doing its job,if you ride with learning key ease off throttle when you reach 5,000 rpm until it quits missing.If you want stumbling to go away use the regular key but hang on cause you are set for a shock ,wind her up to 8k rpm.But better be ready.Have a great day!!

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    Thanks all: The stumbling wasn't at the rev limiter speed/rpm (I kept it just below that) - it was at lower revs - idle to 2000 or so, and went away after getting underway. I'm hoping it's old gas/plugs/fuel filter but won't get a chance to fully diagnose for a couple of weeks. Anything else I should consider?

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