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    2005 Oil cooling reservoir

    My GPRXP has been leaking oil ever since it was put back together. Ordered 2 O rings & some goofy looking wide rubber band thing from Riva. Removed the oil cooling reservoir and see no O ring or gasket. It was just metal on metal. Gee! Wonder why it leaked. I don't see any place for an O ring. If I stick my little finger in the hole it feels like a plastic tube is just inside. I'm clueless on how to stop the flow of oil.

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    The orings fit in a groove on the block not on the oil cooler if engine is in pwc look with a mirror at the side of block.The oil cooler is smooth ,you have to fit orings in groove on block ,be sure there is not some there already,clean groove thouroughly then use a touch of red anaroebic sealer such as Loctite 515 or a tiny bit of silicone type sealer just enough to hold o-rings in place,or you can even use grease,then carefully install oil cooler block without knocking them out. look at online manual if you don't get it.Have a great day>Marvin

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