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Thread: IT'S ALIVE!!!

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    IT'S ALIVE!!!

    After 10 weeks of pain and suffering, my 2012 Kawasaki Ultra 300LX is finally back in the water!
    New pistons, new rods, new cylinder head, new valves and etc. have all been installed and re-assembled on the motor. The amount of labor involved with this re-build is way beyond what anyone could possibly imagine and the expense is through the roof.
    All of this was caused because the previous Service Manager (now retired) told me that running regular gas was "OK"....and of course it's not. Needless to say, I will never run anything but premium for the rest of my life!
    On a positive note, the ski seems to run really well and I'm thankful to have it back in my possession.

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    some people here dont realize the labour involved and complain at the rates charged it is what it is!! glad your back on the water.

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    It sucks you were out of service for the summer. While a lot of work they do make fun winter projects.... Although I am sure you get a way longer summer in Georgia.

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    good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tjdoyle999 View Post
    the previous Service Manager (now retired) told me that running regular gas was "OK"....and of course it's not.
    At how many hours of running the regular gas, did the engine blow up?
    Who paid the repair cost?
    If you had to, did the shop give you any discount?

    There is a sticker saying "90+ octane only" right next to the gas cap...

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    Good news. Hope everything concerning this repair meets your satisfaction.

    Good Luck !!!

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