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    Introducing The México Aquabike World Challenge

    OK, we’re just gonna say it: the idea of traveling through México sounds pretty dangerous. Kidnappings, shootings, gang warfare and human trafficking is enough to deter most. But again, that’s just how the media is presenting our southern neighbors, so that’s not entirely a fair assessment. Nevertheless, México is still a pretty wild place for most, so that is why what we’ve found has the potential of being all the more daring:

    Introducing the México Aquabike World Challenge. A 466-mile, 9-day survival/endurance/distance race is unlike anything we’ve seen before. If week-long races that beat the sternest of PWC racers into a pulp is what you’re in to, then you need to pay close attention. Traversing winding rivers, crystal blue lagoons, and the turbulent Atlantic Ocean, the México Aquabike World Challenge looks to pit racers against a wild variety of water conditions against a jungle background and tropical temperatures.

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