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    1988 650sx oil pump blockoff

    I have an 89 kawi 650sx when I got it it had already been changed to premix but a block off plate was not used. The oil drank was drained and still sits in its original spot. But a block off plate was not used. The oil pump was left there with nothing connected. Is this okay? I've been running it like that problem free for 7 years now. I now just bought an 88 650sx but oil pump is still hooked up. Obviously I want to premix it. Can I do the same as my 89 or should I get a blockb off plate? Thanks in advanced

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    Theory has it that running the oil pump without oil will eventually cause it to fail and break the shaft or drive coupling. I guess after 7 years of doing so, you've disproved this theory.

    If you remove the pump, a block-off plate will keep water out of the stator wiring.

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