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    Trouble after converting to 3 output fuel pump

    Hello All.... new to the forum. I am looking for some help.

    I have two 1995 SL750s. I recently converted one to a 3 input carburetor. I made a return line restrictor with a 65 instead of a 90. My question is to the carbs. Do they need to be adjusted since you are now pushing fuel directly into the carbs instead of filling up one then the next and finally the 3rd.
    It started right away after the conversion. It went out on the lake and ran fine for a few minutes. After a few minutes, it started to bog down. I held the throttle wide open and it continue to run bug was very lethargic. After 15 to 20 seconds, it regained its composure and was running fine. after a 3 to 4 minute run, i let off the throttle. When i reengaged, it did the same thing.... it bogged down then after 15 seconds it took off. Is this a carburator adjustment or the return line restriction?

    thanks for your help and happy motoring.

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    Welcome to the Hulk!!!

    Next time you are out, try adding choke while it is bogging. If the motor returns to good running condition, then you are actually running lean.

    On the flip side, I suppose it is possible that the adjusters have been opened to compensate from a fuel shortage which has been corrected by installing the three outlet pump. Now there is a fuel surplus or rich condition, but only on occasion. Check your high speed adjusters against the factory settings to see where you are at.

    The return restrictor with a 65 main jet should be fine.

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    I recently overhauled a neighbors '95 SLT 750 to include carb kits and a triple outlet fuel pump. I suspect the original fuel system was degrading over time and thus someone had up sized the carb jets from stock 90 mains to 92.5 (pto,cen) and 97 (mag). After fixing the real issue (poor fuel delivery) with the new 3 outlet fuel pump, I put them all back to stock 90 mains and set the hi/low adjusters to stock (+ a smidge). Runs great now.

    All that to say... did you check to see what main/pilot jets are in your carbs? Stock settings work fine with a 3 outlet pump.


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