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    2006 seadoo reading bad cam sensor

    looking for any help or advice for my 2006 seadoo rxp 215. i bought this ski not running and was told it had a electrical issue.
    the ski turns over and has spark for 2 to 3 seconds then loses spark!!!(sometimes it backfires) the fault code says the cam sensor is bad. i replaced this and still same problem, i took it to a seadoo dealer and they proceded to replace or check every sensor and tested main wiring harness and engine harness. but still had same problem, was told could be the computer so replaced that and also the mpem. still same problem, motor was removed and dismantled and had rebuilt while it was apart, was put back together but still same problem $6k later and im pulling my hair out. the seadoo dealer is also at a loss???
    i now have replaced every sensor, the main wiring harness, engine harness, mpem, ecu, coils, magneto, flywheel, running out of things. and money!!!! HELP AAHHHHHHHH.
    is it possible i have a faulty cam this was reused after the rebuild as was the crank and block that had suffered a blown supercharger at some point by the looks of it, any ideas much appriciated. can anyone tell me what the cam sensor reads off is it the cam its self or the timing gear?
    thanks Grant

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    u could have the wrong year crank in it, when u bought it. The dowel pin could be in the wrong position

    read here

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    ok so 03 to 05 are the same crank then 06, 07, 08 are the same is that correct?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grant9313 View Post
    ok so 03 to 05 are the same crank then 06, 07, 08 are the same is that correct?
    Yes,06-11 at least

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    if the dowel pin is in the wrong position can i have that crank modified to work?
    the motor is coming back out again today so will check the crank out.
    also if the crank was the problem would it still come up with the cam sensor fault? shouldnt it come up with crank sensor if that was the issue?
    will know more later today hopefully

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    Its a 2006? How has it been running for the last X years with the wrong crank? You need to find a dealer who knows what they are doing, anyone can be a parts changer.

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    its 2006, i bought the ski not running and was told it had an electrical fault, but after exhausting all avenues it now appears something internal. when the motor was pulled down the first time it was evident it had had some sort of catastrophic prob previously im thinking possibly broken timing chain, although i was told the supercharger had also blown. so not really sure.
    unfortunatly the seadoo dealer that has being doing the work is a good parts changer, i dont know why he would not of checked all internals before putting back together. the motor came back out last night so will hopefully be able to check it out today.
    thanks for the help everyone. i will keep you posted

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