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    Ultra300X strange noise on deceleration

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone else with a 300x have ever noticed a strange noise while decelerating from top speed on smooth water ? For lack of a better description it sounds and feels like the hull is skidding down a gravel road. Sorry for such a bad description but that is literally what it sounds/feels like. My ski other wise performs well besides this annoying noise. My ski accelerates and reaches top speed normally, rpm is around 7500 @ 108kph. Conditions to make noise most prominent are you hold it at top speed on smooth water and let go completely of throttle and noise occurs on hard deceleration.
    any help would be much appreciated.

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    there is a grinding / rough noise from the pump are/intake grate when you chop the throttle

    well there has been on my last 4 x 300x


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    Thanks for reply
    That is a great description. Better than they way I tried to describe it. That is exactly what it sounds like.
    The story gets better, I had my dealer test ride ski and listen to noise and they were very concerned about it ( I actually thought it may have been normal at first but curious all the same ). Anyway they kept the ski and in conjunction with kawasaki Australia went about changing complete jet unit, refitting water box and engine alignment. Noise remains. Dealer had tech bloke from kawasaki test ride ski, they did not like noise either. Kawasaki Sydney now has my ski trying to sort noise and they are having no luck either. Funny thing is I have said a along are you sure this noise is not normal!? All up they have had ski for over 2 months so I am getting very edgy to get my ski back. Sounds like they are on wild goose chase.
    Can I contact you Sirbreaksalot?

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    How many hours are on the ski?

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    Think you will find it's the water hitting the sponsons and chimes. Very noticeable during flat water turns. A very loud grinding vibrating noise.

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    Yes thats the noise i am talking about though I am mainly noticing it on decel (when you chop the throttle). Thanks for the help.

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    Ski has 28hours on it

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    Mine does the same, not a nice sound but only on smooth water, when setting up 4 a turn its the worse. My RXTX 260 did the same thing on flat water.

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    Surly after 2 months, the dealer would have rode another 300x there for realising there is nothing wrong.

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    I don't want to bag the dealer as they have been very help full and I appreciate that they took the interest to check it out but it is frustratingly funny that no one has taken the time to go: " hey maybe we should take another ski for a ride to see if this is normal". I did mention this on several occasions.
    A friend has just bought a 300x so very keen for the running in process to be done so I can take it for a run to satisfy my own curiosity.
    My only regret at this point is that I did not ask the question on this forum 2 months ago!
    Thanks again to all for the help.

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