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    Microtech ecu install

    I'm trying to install a Microtech MT4 fuel only ecu on my 2005 rxt but i can't find where to connect the input trigger wire to get a rpm signal for the microtech ecu . Please help .

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    Good luck mate we trying to run an LT10 Microtech .just got to use a oscilloscope to read what happens and when

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    MT4 Fuel Only,
    White "tach signal" wire goes to negative side of coil,
    Pink "ign 12v" wire goes to positive side of coil.

    in multi coil setups like the 4-Tec use the lead coil to avoid any interference.

    MT4 still has a crap load of stuff you need to pick up/wire into (TPS, IAT, Coolant Temp, Fuel pump via relay, has built in MAP to plumb into manifold). You don't need to hook up IAT to MT but don't know about the rest.

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    Thnx for the tip Sayers . Tomorrow i will try to connect the white wire to the negative side of the lead coil and see if i get the Mt-4 to trigger the injectors .

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