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    SLX 1200 SS 6V coplete pump

    Make an offer. Have the entire pump and driveshaft.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caliburst View Post
    Make an offer. Have the entire pump and driveshaft.

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    Nozzle and everything?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BryanP View Post
    Nozzle and everything?
    Its all there including the driveshaft. I have no less than 15 driveshafts piled up in my basement and I would very much like to be rid of them. Remember, however, that as we discussed yesterday these are heavy items and expensive to ship. One driveshaft alone costs $25 or more depending on where it is going. I just shipped a seadoo one recently.

    Id love to get rid of excess junk- core carbs, driveshafts, etc, but it will add up to more than its worth to ship. It potentially involves shipping a giant box of metal. Unfortunately a lot of this stuff is going to be dumpster bound. Theres no other alternative. There is no occasion where I will ever need fifteen driveshafts and im tired of sitting on parts that no one wants because they are 'too good to throw away'- seats, hoods, etc.

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    LMK if you want this pump for your offer of $100 plus shipping. If you want the driveshaft thrown in you can absolutely have it but you will pay extra shipping and it will be heavy and require a big box to ship both.

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    is this still for sale? sent You a PM.

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    The 6v sold. I only have a clean 5v left

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