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    2013 fx sho not revving past 6500 rpm on full throttle

    Hello all, my sho is acting up. It won't rev past 6500rpm with the throttle open full. It idles fine. Starts fine. Just recently had an oil change and tune up. Any help or ideas will help Thank you

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    What did it rev to before? Any mods?

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    7800 rpm with a skat track double impeller. Using it for without nozzle on it it goes full open but with nozzle or Flyboard elbow it won't go past 6500. Have been using this for over a year. Just started capping out at 6500 yesterday.

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    2013 fx sho not revving past 6500 rpm on full throttle

    So you've been running it with no nozzle and now u put the nozzle and it's at 6500??

    Did you check the prop?

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    Impeller is fairly new. It's not a loss of power. It just stops at 6500. It's not inhibited. Full power at what 6500 should be, just won't go past.

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    Check for SC hose blown off or loose....

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    It has 160 hours on it. Was wondering if it was time to have the supercharger rebuilt.

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    Sc hose is attached and tight.

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    Did you accidentally put it in L-Mode?

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    Would L mode limit the revving when there is no nozzle/nozzle attached. With no nozzle revs at 7800. With nozzle or elbow is caps out at 6500. Doesn't inhibit it, just acts like that is as high as it goes.

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