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    My 400 score!!!! STOKED

    So yesterday my coworker who knows I do powersports shows me a facebook local ad showing two yamahas that need lots of work for $650. I act IMMEDIATELY cause I know it won't last long. I ask the guy to text me and within 10 minutes the deal is made to pick them both up at 8pm for $400!!!

    I knew from the dark picture that one was a Waverunner III. I knew the other was a ratty GP but I was thinking a 760. You could only have guessed how surprised I was when it was a 1200.

    Well after I got home and put the kids to was to late to play so I went to bed. At 730 this morning I started in on the waverunner III because honestly...I needed that 650 motor for a perfect condition VXR I have that I robbed the 701 for my WB1. The 650 didn't have a carb but a compression and iginition test showed great spark and 150psi in each cylinder. My guess is someone pulled the carb back in 2002(last registered) and it got lost or??? Well pouring gas straight into the intake yielded a very excited motor and once I slapped on a trashy old 44 I had...she idled like a dream and revved out strong! I made quick work of pulling that motor and grabbing a few other bits I wanted.

    Then it was onto the GP1200. It didn't want to key start and the display was so trashed I couldn't tell what the fuck was goin on. So I pulled the box and jumped the solenoid to start getting some numbers. Great spark and good compression (135,130,135). She is still on oil injection which is a decent sign but will be tossed in the future. I left it alone for a while cause I was tired of jumping the solenoid and no way in hell would it fire anyway since it hasn't run in 5 years. Well this afternoon I had wrapped all the other projects up and went back to the GP.

    I quickly diagnosed the fact that the display was sometimes allowing the key start to work intermittently. So I grabbed the switch from the waverunner III and it was cranking EVERY TIME. I poured some fresh premix in the airbox and hit the magic button. After every reattempt...she did better and better and then...LIFT OFF! She sounded just like my 97 1200...full of badass and ready to rip. I poured some fresh fuel in the tank cause I plan to run it on the hose soon but now comes the REAL dilemma....the Waveblaster has been BEGGING for a 1200 swap and this ole girl may just provide it!!!

    We shall see. For now..the Waverunner III has been loaded in the truck to find a junkyard and the VXR found a quick home on the trailer with the trashy GP1200. Anyone need anything from the waverunner III before it finds the junkyard? I took the motor and electronics.


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    Glad everything worked out for you. It makes me want to cry seeing a GP1200 in that condition.

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    yeah me too bro. Look at the left side of the hull right in front of the "waverunner" logo. MASSIVE repair. The intake grate is non existant, the front has battle damage, it's been spray painted, the display is completely gone. She lived a HARD life. The good thing is she will live on in a WB1 that will ultimately be more valuable and collectable. I'm just glad I saved it instead of another redneck!!!

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    nice score!

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    Impressive deal..

    Shame another GP1200 is to be consigned to the dump..

    but it's heart is getting transplanted to a worthy doner..
    - the WR111 on the other hand, Well you put that sucker out it's misery..

    Never the less two running ski's on a two place trailer for $400 is the deal of the year..

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    After I pull the engine and pump from the's goin to craigslist to see if anyone wants it for free. I'll give it a few months in the back yard but if the new year comes around and no one wants the hull...I'll crush it.

    The damn 1200 is on Point though!!! Fires up better than my 97 1200!!! HAHAHAHA

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    If your parting out the wr3 I could use the lock to the front compartment.

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    Congrats on the running engines. I woulda not even put forth the effort for a 460, and a guaranteed trip to the dump on the lll. Maybe i need to start looking at the bad pictres a little harder.

    I still have this titled 98 hull i need to make a decision on. I bought it for the price of a cable my 99 needed.

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    That is what happens when you are several hours from home and make a spontaneous purchess.

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