Hi everyone, I recently bought an old 2005 rxt 215 it had the motor replaced with a 255.
the bloke however put the original PTO and oil sep housing on and continued to run the original electrics and ecu.
I put a new x charger and 42's, ss ring and 14/19 impeller in.
i am still running the original air intake, internal IC and resonator.
The ski runs ok a little slow out of the hole. The throttle response seems a little slow to react when you punch it.
Could this be relating to the xcharger and 42's running ritch from the oem air box.
I have just replaced all plugs but have not run it yet.
I plan to put a large 4' air intake in to match the x charger.
should I be expecting explosive throttle response from this ski out of the hole.
Are the electrics from the 215 in sync with the 255 motor ie the timing cam etc.
thanks Dan