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    2006 GTX Limited SC Problem

    Hey guys new poster on the forum, but bin registered for a while now

    So I have this problem with the ski that I can't figure out. I bought it with a broken valve, and had motor re-build. New Pro X pistons original bore, as cylinder walls had no damage at all. Refurbished head with upgraded valves, and etc. Once motor was done, it was idling to high so i bought new idle by pass valve which solved the problem, and Idle sensor. Supercharger rebuilt by Jerry. Thought to let you know guys what was done before jumping into conclusions. Motor was broken in, and I tested it out going full throttle and soon after I lost I would say 80% of power, and was barely able to run in low 20's. Once I let go of the throtle and try to go all out again it will jump for a second and same story no power. Pulled the jet ski out, got home and checked the spark plugs, they looks fine just one of them is more burnt then others. Compression in 150's, inter cooler was tested for leaks and held 16psi overnight. No vacuum leaks, SC is good, not boost leaks. I can't really figure it out. I took it out couple times more same story. It will warm up once I hit full throttle for a while same problem happens, it will start weirdly shaking on idle like one cylinder wouldn't be getting spark. If I let it cool down for few hours it will run fine again until I ht full throttle. I can cruise around with problem not appearing at lower speeds. I have no problem hitting full rpms on a dash, speed tops around at 58-59mph, I know it's little low, but I was told because it's wake edition it has different prop. So that is my story which I can't figure out. I was thinking cat converter but it's not a car I don't think it has one, then it would make sense it's clogged hot temperature will make it run like crap, and on cold would run fine. So hopefully someone knows the answer to this headache of mine.

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    sounds like a bad fuel pump or plugged up pick up sock
    IMO with a rebuild it should have a new pump and pick ups
    low fuel psi is a good way to blow up your new motor
    it needs fuel at 58psi all the time

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