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    2007 RXT

    2007 RXT

    Hi everyone, I appreciate any advice you could give me on this.
    A couple years ago I bought a leftover 2007 RXT 215 from a dealership in the Orlando area. I feel I got a fair price. $7950. I was told at the time of purchase they got the ski from a dealers inventory that went out of business. I ASSUMED the dealership had the ski outside on display forever as they had it clear coated to sell it. I'm guessing it was faded out. The problem is they did a shitty job. Cleared over the decals and skid mats. Now I'm beginning to think there may have been another issue all together. It looks like the gelcoat is bubbling. Pics below.

    I put 10 hours on it the first summer we had it but was unable to ride last summer due to a hand surgery and subsequent infection. I finally got around to getting ready to ride this year ( i know, late start). I trickle the battery and go to fire it up in the driveway before heading to the lake.
    It won't start. Won't turn over. I do some poking around and find the cylinders full of water. Hydrolocked. At this point I'm losing my mind and my eldest Son tells me He and some buddies were going to take it out last summer but couldn't get it started. Turns out he turned on the hose prior to starting the ski and filled it with water.

    I just finished my first of several oil changes. Plugs are clean (not rusty), oil filter housing is clean (no milky residue), Oil filter is clean (although I changed it anyway). Again, pics below.

    I understand this model has ceramic supercharger washers, so I bought a set of replacements from Riva. Any link to removing the SC so I can send it to Greenhulk for replacement would be helpful.

    I am also considering running in the AquaX series next year and am curious what mods are legal. I've read the rule book but it's a little too much to take in in one sitting.

    I am also looking for some fiberglass safe cleaner to get this gunky looking stuff out from the engine bay. Again, pics below.

    Thanks In Advance for your input.


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    if it sat for a year with water in the motor you are SOL.

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    3 oil and filter changes and the oil is clear. No knocks or rattles. Need to get it in the water and see how she feels, will be a while before I really trust her.

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