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    2009 Sppedster 150 155 Drown Engine Mode

    Just changed the oil then ran it and then fogged the engine. When I tried the drown engine mode to spread the fogging oil around, it didnt seem to work. I moved the controls to F and throttle all the way forward, but the motor didn't crank. Is this the correct procedure for this or did i miss something?


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    It is because of the neutral safety switch in the jet boats. You can not put it in F and then start the engine.....

    You will need to get one of your buddies to help you. Have them hold the throttle open at the Throttle body then you crank the motor over....

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    Thanks... Another question for you... Is there a reason why its not recommended to spray fogging oil through the air intake? Seems like it would be easier. I have a Yamaha FX140 and that's all we do for that engine to fog it.

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    The problem with spraying thru the air intake is that it might not get all the way into the motor efficiently.

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