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    Open Ocean Anchoring

    Hey Guys,
    Ive been trying to find some info on this but can't seem to find anything. I am taking my ski into the ocean and using it mainly to find waves. Once we find our waves we have plotted out, we need a way to anchor the ski so it won't move and it is safely out of the impact zone from waves. We want to anchor it so we don't have to always have 1 person on the ski and we can just leave it there and all of us can score some waves.

    I'm curious if there is an anchor that allows this to be possible? I was thinking I could just find a kelp bed or something and tie it up, because if the kelp is thick enough the ski won't go anywhere.

    Any input would be great!

    Thanks in advance


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    Cooper Anchor with a couple of meters of chain on it before the rope.........holds rock solid on most surfaces!

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    Quote Originally Posted by volltrex View Post
    Cooper Anchor with a couple of meters of chain on it before the rope.........holds rock solid on most surfaces!

    For open ocean anchoring the rope will need to be a LOT longer than shown.

    Figure on seven times the water depth for the length of the anchor rode (anchor rope), not including the chain. Chain is essentially mandatory in rough water anchoring. You may or may not need the full rope length but it is better to have too much than too little.

    An Anchor Buddy stretch line also helps the anchor hold when there are waves tugging on the watercraft. Put it between the chain and the anchor rope.

    Use high grade clips and stainless steel shackles on the rope ends.

    You may want to attach a floating buoy marker to the anchor rope so you can find/retrieve the anchor rope if you accidentally let go of the loose PC end. Float should not pull up on the anchor chain portion, keep the float near the watercraft end of the rode.

    The Cooper Anchor is a good anchor, works well for PWC.
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    Yes you will want plenty of chain on it when anchoring in open water. Just be sure you have a heavy duty padded canvas bag to store it in while riding the ski to the location.

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    Thanks for the replies! Thats what I was thinking, just a very long rope and an anchor is the way to do it.. haha. Thanks again!

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