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Thread: 98 gti 717

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    98 gti 717

    This is a new to me ski, and although im a long time boater, im relatively new to PWc' some newbi questions for you all;

    Things to note on this particular ski;

    Ive read about the grey fuel lines and plan to change them out along w filters and screens.
    I hear no beeps upon attaching lanyard, but everything works fine,
    I sometimes need to wiggle the lanyard to get a connection, i need a new lanyard?
    Id like to tow this ski behind my 24 ft Searay, is this really a big no no ? (under 15 mph)

    thank you all for your input.

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    Twisting the key is not totally unusual. You can try cleaning the key and post. Most likely you don't have beeps because the beeper is shot. It is right under the handle bar cover.

    Most seadoos and PWC have a hose in them that needs to be clamped before towing. Otherwise water can back-flow into the engine and damage it. The owners manual should tell you that. You may need to find one. Try

    If you tow it alot, then instead of clamping the hose, you can put in a stainless steel ball valve.

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    I see.. thank you my key DESS ..or will any key work ?

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    '98 should be the DESS. If your lanyard has a small metal piece in it then it IS DESS.

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    Definitely change the gray lines, the no beep is probably the buzzer under the handlebar pad. They go bad and are easy to replace

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    You also don't have to buy the more expensive seadoo brand one. A standard 12v buzzer will work. Save some $.

    To test the buzzer, you can connect it directly to the battery. If she screams she is good. If it is quiet, then use a multimeter and probe the wire going to the beeper whole installing the key. If you get voltage then the beeper is bad.

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    Thank you both

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