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    Real Review: Kool PWC Stuff Jet Ski Fishing Rack

    When it comes to jet ski fishing (what we like to call “jet angling”) and attaching cooler racks, it really boils down to “to drill or not to drill.” Typically, cooler racks that are mechanically secured by drilling mounting hardware to the watercraft are more stable and durable; that is until recently. In our experience, racks secured by straps almost always tend to fail even a simple fishing trip off the coast of Southern California. That is until now. We finally have found a strap-on rack that passed the rigors of fishing off the Southern California coast in the Pacific Ocean.

    When we received the Kool PWC Stuff Jet Ski Fishing Rack (with 6 rod holders) from by UPS, the rack was not wrapped in any packaging. Sent from Ft. Myers, Florida to Orange County, California without any newspaper, bubble wrap, nothing. We thought that was a bold statement, in and of itself. Amazingly, there was not even a scratch in the black powder coating covering the rack. Shipped without packaging and made it in perfect shape. Test one, pass.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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