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Thread: Salt Away?

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    Salt Away?

    Got a question- am hoping you can help.
    So after I take out my Jetski for a blast in the salt water, I flush the engine using SaltAway. But I notice the reservoir remains full after the 30 second flush. Makes me think it is not flushing with the SA, but rather just water.

    I checked to see that the rubber O-ring in the reservoir was seating well...

    Any thoughts? I am still rather new to this...

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    salt away

    salt away liquid is not a clear color , so does your resevoir liquid become clear???
    This is working correctly as the salt away is mixed and dispenced into the engine and is being replaced with water.
    you should also see a white foam coming out of the exhaust and water cooling ports.

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    I had the same question so I called the company that makes Salt-Away. You'll notice as you flush that the product in the reservoir turns less blue as water is flows through the valve. This is because the mixing valve draws some of the Salt-Away and mixes it with the water as it passes through. The ratio of Salt-Away/water is continuously being weakened as the product in the reservoir gets more clear but it is still effective until the there is just a "faint" tint of blue color. At this point, empty the reservoir and fill it up again with pure Salt-Away.

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    yep that is how it works your good.

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