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    What oil are you using on your 4-stroke

    I got the 10 hour service on the horizon for my T-X and I was curious on what the preferred oil is on our engines. Stock oil from BRP? Amsoil? Rotella?

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    This is what I am currently running in both my skis. I have also ran the BRP oil, Mobil and also Castrol. You just need to make sure what ever you run, it is wet clutch rated.

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    I am staring this down as well. I think for warranty stuff, I am just going to take it to the dealership and have them do it

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    I have been using mobil 1 4t 10w 40. may switch to valvoline motor cycle oil. mostly do to cost.

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    You guys using synthetic?

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    Rotella T6 in mt 215, and Castrol 0W30 in the 155

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    I have been using BRP Oil Change Kit every 25hrs. No problems so far!

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    Amsoil marine 10w40

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackmcd View Post
    I have been using BRP Oil Change Kit every 25hrs. No problems so far!
    Thats B.S! I hear it increases hours on the meter.

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    Mobil 1 10W-40 synthetic. Wet clutch is crap, there is Zero resemblence in the SC clutch to a motor cycle clutch. In fact, they are opposites, Motor cycle cluch shoudl not slip, SC clutch should slip when reaches slipping moment.
    I have run standard Mobil 1 10W 40 with friction modifiers and all that, never a clutch issue.

    The whole wet clutch crap came from BRP back when the ceramics were failing, but they still failed if you switched to Amsoil motorcycle ( and other non friction modifer oils). So that was not the problem.

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