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    Cool New í04 XLT1200 Mod/build thread (with PVís)

    First, this is an awesome forum thanks to all those that share the wealth of knowledge and experience.

    I picked up a new-to-me í04 XLT1200. Its totally stock with 60 hrs. My first thought was to covert to pre-mix but Iíve decided to stick with oil injection and just replace the lines and clamps. But, Iím hoping to get some help on some other upgrades I should do.

    Iím already working with another member on here for a fully rebuilt set of carbs with T-handles, drilled and pressure balanced with accel pumps disabled. Hope that deal goes through.

    Iíve emailed Jimís Performance to see about a modified ride plate and grate. Iím wondering if it wouldnít just be worth the trip to deliver my ski to Jim up near Tampa and have him knock all of this outÖ ??

    Please let me know if you have any of these parts and how much plus shipping to 34990:

    • Flame arrestors & adapters Ė Open to suggestions. Read that Proks were best.
    • GPR nozzle Ė looking for the 5 degree mod. Will need to tap for reverse
    • Reeds Ė not sure if replacing stock reeds would be beneficial or not?
    • Ride plate - ** Iím wanting to go with a modified plate, one from Jimís performance or equivalent.
    • Plug Kit to fill up voids.
    • Intake grate Ė R&D or Riva (just to make the ski safe)
    • Modified head to increase compression.
    • Impeller - seems that most say that 12/18 is the best all-around. Looking for decent pull on low end. Ski will mostly be in slight chop to smooth water.
    • D-Plate with chip

    Iím sure thereís more mods and Iím open to suggestions.


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    1. WFO has some nice F/A's that I like better than Riva.
    2. I have an extra 5 degree GPR nozzle, it is the earlier 87mm size. PM me if interested. I have one on my XLT.
    3. Stock reeds have gotten my XLT to 68, they are hard to beat. (mine have close to 200 hrs on them)
    4. Jim does an awesome job on ride plates, be sure to get on that has skegs on it for handling on the XLT. You will love the difference.
    5. be sure to trim the plug kit so all the parts fit flush, and seal with 5200 or equivalent. Be sure to seal gap between shoe and transom plate where the water goes into the pump.
    6. Yep, intake grate a must.
    7. Jim and others can cut your head, makes a nice difference. 145 to 150 works good with 93 octane.
    8. I used a 12/18 for a long time, but really like the 13/19. Currently using a later model big hub GPR pump and 14/20 impeller.
    9. D-plate a must also.
    10. Don't forget wave-eater clips for power valves, even 04 models have pins that tend to move.
    11. Jetworks "holeshot kits" exhaust water diverters work nice on these big boats just like the GPR's.

    I do not like premix for these boats unless highly modified (like 1390's), takes too much expensive oil and smokes too much in idle zones/channels. We have both in our family. Injection is perfectly fine if you use better (metal) clamps for the lines.

    Might want to just mod the carbs you have if they are nice, or have someone like WFO mod them for you. All the info is in the FAQ sections.

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    I have several of those listed parts that I'd sell. PM'd with prices shipped.

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