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    Video: Watch as Jet Skier Collides With a Humpback Whale

    Most of us have had a run-in with Mother Nature at least once or twice while riding our personal watercraft. Pods of dolphin, seals and sea lions, manatee, birds, snakes, and a whole lot of bugs. It’s pretty common place when motoring through the great outdoors. But, it is a rare occasion when nature’s largest mammals decide to share the same water with you.

    First published on’s news feed, we spotted this untimely video of a Sea-Doo enthusiast getting a little too up close and personal with a humpback whale. From the look of the video, the collision is only a slight run-in and no injury was sustained by the whale (or to the rider and ski).
    Although we’d like to give the rider in this video the full benefit of the doubt, we have to wonder (because the video clip is conspicuously short) if he was chasing this pod of humpback whales too closely to begin with, or if the whale merely surfaced too quickly for the rider to respond.

    The post Video: Watch as Jet Skier Collides With a Humpback Whale appeared first on The Watercraft Journal.

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    yeah,They were def chasing whale(s). . at :07 you can see the bubble trail from their last pass and watch the swirl of water from the whale, thats why he was looking so hard to the right...then bam it moved . if you imagine where he was looking first, then see the direction the whale is facing, youll in fact see he came close to the surface first, then it took another breath while it was trying to run off, which is when it got hit....

    peeps on the skis were going way too fast for the situation.

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