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    2014 rxp-x 3hrs old, need new impeller

    Hi all.
    So.. I have been out of the seadoo game since 97 with my SPX. After a bit of research, I get back into it with a 2014 rxp-x. WOW, what a difference 15 years make. The weather up here in Canada is getting friggen cold, but only ice can stop me from taking this thing out. absolutely love it.
    of course, I have to show it off to all by buddies, and of course, everyones dock is pulled out of the water already, so I pull up way to close to shore, and like a rooky, suck up a huge rock in my impeller. I have 3 hours on this thing, I cant believe I just did that.
    hopefully I just need a new prop, and the boot??, maybe the housing. hopefully the shaft is not f'ed.

    well before I even bought it I was looking at doing some mods to unleash the power, but I don't even know what that is because I haven't even made it to the break in period yet, I got up to 61mph so far, and im guessing it will do better once I hit 10hrs.

    my question is, I now need a new impeller, and maybe a housing, what would be my best option to upgrade the impellor? keep it stock? or aftermarket. I don't know if I will ever flash the ECU or not, but for now I was thinking of keeping it stock, not sure if a flash would make a difference in which prop I choose anyway??
    any thoughts?
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    In the cold it is already too lean and running on the limiter. After 5 hours it will give you full rpms.
    Would do a flash and prop.

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    would you size the prop according to the flash? or would you get a certain prop regardless of the whether or not you flash?
    so stock or after market? and which aftermarket pitch ect.?

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    Solas Concord 15/20, or 15/21 can anyone help me choose for a stock 2014 rxp x 260?

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    Both will slow you down being a stock ski. Give R&D performance a call or speedfreeks and see if they can match up the right pitch prop for a stock ski.

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    I think Solas is recommending 14/19 for stock ski. I've seen 100% stock rxp-x 260 with fresh 15/20 and the max RPM's were barely over 7700

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