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Thread: Runaway 787

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    Runaway 787

    Odd thing hapened to me last night. I was winterizing my ski (1996 XP). Started the engine in my driveway and flushed with antifreeze. Turned the fuel slector to the "off" position to suck the carbs dry. Engine began to idle extremely high. I jerked the laynard off and it continued to rev even higher! I had a pair of gloves on, so I quickly reached in and jerked the spark plug wires off! Engine continued to run away for several more seconds at extremely high RPMs!!

    WTF was going on here?? Did the lean fuel mixture cause this. Was it running like a diesel for a few seconds (since I had removed the spark plug wires)? I have never experienced anything like that before. I have performed this same procedure every single year since I have owned this ski, and this is the first time I have had an issue. I hope I did not cause harm to my baby

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    Yup. If you had hit the choke it would have died. or the throttle if the fuel had been on. I've seen it happen on 951s that are lean on the low end. the idle will climb slowly, and then take off.

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