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    '13 300LX Eco Mode

    Thanks to all on the forum that guided me from my low budget thoughts to a new 300LX. I've only got 6 hours riding as "My" season ends. But what a machine! The acceleration as advertised is awesome. Rough water capability is very predictable and will only get better as the rider gains more seat time.

    My question is about engaging and disengaging Eco Mode. I was led to believe by my manual interpretation and dealer that you could go in and out of EM with a button press stopped or on the fly. At first I didn't think it worked at all, when I got it to work I couldn't get it out. After some more seat time it appears that you have to be almost closed throttle and a few second press to engage and a 1 second (no more) press to disengage.

    Would appreciate your feedback, Mike

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    I've been successful in engaging eco mode while traveling slowly but to get out of it I always have to stop and push the button a million times

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    Congrats on the new ski. To engage it you have to be going real slow. To disengage it you need to be at idle and hold it down.

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