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    Yamaha Warranty and Customer Service

    Hello guys, i just thought i needed to post this here to get the word out.

    I own a 2013 FZS with 80 hours and a 2014 FZR with around 35. Both recently went in for service and some repairs for the FZS (hit something floating and ripped half of a sponson off along with the stud putting a hole in the hull). Not only did they replace the sponson and repair the hole for an extremely fair price but they also took the time to detail my skis as well as remove some barnacles that had formed towards the rear of the ski.

    Upon servicing the FZR they decided to replace the S/C clutch and TPS under warranty no questions asked.

    Cahills Yamaha in Tampa has been an absolute pleasure to do business with, any dealer could really learn a thing or two from this small family business. I cannot wait to buy my 2016 FZR from them next year!

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    Glad to hear. Thanks for letting us know. Some dealers need to reed this thread.

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    I was told by another guy last weekend that Cahills is a great place.

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    Texas Yamaha Problem

    Geez, wish Texas Yamaha was half that good. They just informed me that paint delamination in the intake tunnel on my '15 VXR with 8 hrs on it when these pics were taken was caused by debris...more here:

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