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    Possible winter project - 1998 Sea-Doo GTX RFI

    Guys - I'm looking at picking up a winter project. It's a 98 GTX that has a pretty good hull - just filthy, seats are wasted etc.

    The engine supposedly runs and has 140/150 psi across the cylinders but it is making a bad noise possibly in the jet pump area. The jet pump oil is filthy as well.

    Interior of hull - again - pretty filthy.

    Question 1) is what do you all think its worth without a trailer?

    Question 2) what else to look for on this particular ski (I'm not familiar with this engine - yet!!)


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    the RFIs are good boats. Not the fastest, but good on gas and reliable. Running and in great condition, I'd say it would be a stretch to get $2,000 out of that boat on a trailer. Costs add up quick when refurbishing a boat. Now if the engine runs, and it just needs some cleaning and a pump rebuild, you might have a good boat at a decent price. What are they asking for it?

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    IMO with what you described AND being an RFI ,....Me? $500 Max! that's just me....

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    they are at about $1200 for it. I could probably snatch it up for a $1000.

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    I'd pass. Condition of exterior almost always designates condition of mechanicals. Probably been rode hard and put up wet. At $300-500 you could fix it back up but not at $1000. I bought a very clean '00 DI with one cylinder down for $600 and spent $1000 (including trailer) to have it ready to sell. You're going to have to rebuild the pump, clean RAVE's, replace fuel filters, buy a trailer, seat covers, handgrips, mats, etc. You'll be into it for way more than retail price in the end.

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    Damn it Myself! I was falling in love....i'll pass....

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    Where is the ski located? Personally I wouldn't walk away... I'd run. You cant give away any RFI around here. I have a 99 and finally got it running but not great. Still have fouling issues. I bought for $350 with trailer. I've got $1200 In it and still need seats covered and info gauges. So far the worst ski I've had. However, I think when they run, they run well. We will see. All that being said, does it run? Does the info center work. I always look at a ski based on how much I can part it out for. I'd say $300 to $500 depending where you are located.

    If you are looking for a project, get the non RFI version 800 engine. Much simpler to work on.

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