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    02 Polaris Virage TX 1200 NO SPARK--1st time Greenhulk User

    I have a 2002 Virage TX that has always been reliable. This spring when I went to start it up, I had it turning over but not starting. Bilge pump worked and I could start using the start button at this point. I cleaned all my connections, making sure there was no condensation or corrosion, I replaced the spark plug wires and I installed new plugs and a new battery. After these steps, the ski quit turning over using the start button and the bilge no longer worked. At a total loss for what was wrong, I asked around and concluded I needed to have my CDI tested. I sent it out to a shop that put it on a working ski of same model and found the CDI was bad. I purchased a new CDI and I installed it. My father in law (life time marine mechanic on large diesel vessels) came over and we checked each connection and found all was well with connections and fuses​. Still no action when the start button pushed. So we bypassed the start button by crossing the solenoid and the ski turns over, but still NO SPARK!!! Now I have read many of the threads that address similar issues on other skis but I have had no success in getting my ski to start yet. I am moderately knowledgeable as a regular mechanic, but I have absolutely no clue where to go from here. Can someone please help??? Thanks.

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    The CDI has nothing to do with cranking the engine. A bad CDI would not prevent the engine from engaging the starter motor.

    What is involved is an electronic module knows as the LR-505 Start/Stop module. I suggest you bypass the Start/Stop module. This should enable the engine to crank. Details can be found by searching for LR-505 bypass in my prior postings.

    Regarding spark, it is critical that the CDI ignition module receive at least, and preferably more than, 10.6 volts, right at the CDI while the engine is cranking. This can be measured at the Red/Purple and Black wires that lead into the CDI.

    If the battery voltage is weak while cranking, either charge the battery or install a better battery. Do not boost the watercraft from a car or truck and do not leave the charger connected while it is cranking.

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    K447 can you help me understand what black/white wire you are talking about . i have followed the directions on the link and the bilge pump does not come on
    should it come on regardless ?

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