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Thread: Trailer repair

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    Trailer repair

    Some impatient dick ran into my trailer. Insurance guy dosent know anywhere and neither do i. Im located in Garland, tx. Looking for somewhere to give me a quote. im sure ill be better off getting a new one.

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    You might try Roadmaster trailers up in the Dallas area. Not sure if they do repairs but they make a nice trailer.

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    Idk maybe call ski dealers and see what they say, let them know you are in the market for a new trailer once insurance sees what it will cost to repair yours, and cuts you a check..... might be more giving with info if they think a sell might come out of it.

    In all honesty tho, if it is welded and requires cutting, and rewelding, and possiblely galvanizing, Then any decent welding shop is your best bet. And would get costly quick. At $80ish $150 an hour....(or w/e the going hourly rate is in your area) plus getting shipped out for dipping, any disassembly/reassembly needed for said dipping....... it could get expensive quick.

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    can't do a thing without a few pictures. The welder next door to me does all kinds of an example a shorelander single with a 45 degree bend in the main rail was about $150 to repair ( and very clean welds with good quality material. I had to paint it up, but the customer was happy.)

    if it's insurance case, you do not want a repaired trailer, unless the welder is certified ( I had to get proof of this for my welded on trailer hitch for my own insurance)

    hit em up for a replacement trailer in similar condition.trailer

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    So where are at you at on this deal?

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