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    160 stat and timing

    Anyone know if when running the Riva 160 stat (actually 158!) if during cooler weather the ecu will adjust timing if the engine appears to be running too cool.

    in the summer it's not a problem to lose 30F off my 190F plus temps, but during spring will the stat opening earlier and dropping the engine temp right down cause a problem?

    i'm on stock ecu with V-tech flash (see sig)
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    160* is not cold
    its hard to log timing with the stock ecu

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    If the thermostat is working properly the temperature should always stay about 160. The engine will heat the liquid in the cooling system and the thermostat will open when that coolant get's to hot and circulate it in the ride plate to be cooled by the water passing over it to get the temperature back to around 160. Feedback loop

    Maybe I'm missing something?

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    160 degrees F is real close to where many ECUs consider the motor to still need warm up enrichment. I run into this with my Yamaha FZ1 when riding in winter. It is somewhat over cooled and needs the radiator blocked somewhat to keep the temp out of this issue.


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    By the way, I have never run into and ECU that changes timing for any cold temp you would ever run into with a ski. Get down to say 0 F, things my be different but...


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