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    '05 FX140 Speedo fluctuation ???

    Hi newbie here from the U.K with a problem with my FX140.
    It's running perfect picks up great, no cavitation and a GPS varified top speed of 57mph (couple of mod's!)

    The problem I'm having is an intermittent speedo fluctuation. It will sometimes rise steadily as I accelerate then fall back down from 50 (ish) to around 10 - 15 then pick up then drop again. If I slow down, it sometimes catches up but anything over say 45 will start it off. This happens on dead calm water, choppy water or in the waves.

    Change the sensor on the ride plate I here you say....

    Well I've just found the 3 pin connector under the dash, unplugged it and plugged in another sensor. Started the ski up, 2 seconds and shut it down leaving power to the dash. Then while the speedo is still on run the speedo wheel with an air line. Exaclty the same fault on a different sensor, out of the water, no engine vibrations and a constant air flow over the speedo wheel spinning smoothly.

    Very confused now, so any help greatly appreciated !

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    Thats a cool upgrade but not sure that would fix it??? as Its doing it with 2 different sensors already. Be it on water, off water, engine running or not......

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