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Thread: Ultra 300 hours

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    Ultra 300 hours

    Hello guys , how many hours have your ultra 300? Please write you hours and mod. . Thanks

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    "just sayin".. jetdave56's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
    104 and she's still an animal!

    Everything in my Sig but Added Farthing sponsons which carve better and feel it improves tracking in rougher waters,also testing a steeper pitched stock prop tomorrow..

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    [QUOTE = jetdave56; 2468708]! 104 e lei è ancora un animale Tutto nella mia firma ma Aggiunto Farthing sponsons che scolpire meglio e sento che migliora il monitoraggio in acque più di massima, anche la prova di un ripido spiovente magazzino prop domani .. [/ QUOTE]
    Incredible, only one guys write in this post, how many hours Have your kawasaki 300? Thanks.

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    Incredible, only one guys write in this post, how many hours Have your kawasaki 300? Thanks.

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    May 2013
    101 trouble free hours... BOV Tightened, recall plate removed. Used Washers for a couple weekends for testing.

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    [QUOTE = DH300; 2469709] 101 ore senza difficoltà ... BOV serrati, ricordano piastra rimosso. Rondelle usati in un paio di fine settimana per le prove. [/ QUOTE]Thanks for answere , this post is for me and other is important becouse i what buy kawa but i don't no how many hours working this engine. Thanks and sorry for my english

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    Incredible only two people have kawa in the world, i don't no if is better buy kawa or seadoo , please give me information for life engine ( your top hours ) thanks.

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    Take the time to smile sirbreaksalot's Avatar
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    Jun 2007
    Hours mean nothing...... In reality
    If you neglect any current brand skieswill all fail
    If u ride rough water and want speed doing it buy the 310 .....NOTHING ELSE COMPARES
    If you want too play speed racer on glasx buy a yammi
    If you want too have bells and whistles then buy a seadoo

    But treated right and ridden correctly on the correct conditions all skies last 150+hrs easy.


    200hrs easy on a ultra 300/310 platform

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    Ok i change my question, how many hours is life kawa 300/310? I have seadoo with 400 hours and working perfect.thanks.

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    Jan 2011
    Tahiti, French Polynesia
    There was someone here with well over 300 hours+ doing wave jump ect....
    Doing normal maintenance ect...

    Ski was a 2011

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