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Thread: f12x honda 2005

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    f12x honda 2005


    I see honda f12x with turbo but without engine the owner of jet ski want sale it 450$ What do you think the price
    and can i fit seadoo engine or yamaha

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    Yep. Not the best hull but not a bad price. If the turbo alone in good and working, not rusted up it alone is worth more than that.
    Are you saying turbo is there/engine gone or? Or turbo/engine gone?
    Be an interesting conversion for sure.

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    the turbo include but the engine gone owner say he dont have the engine

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    can i put honda civic engine for jetski

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    Quote Originally Posted by king View Post
    can i put honda civic engine for jetski
    Just quit now.

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    Honda engine with no core would be expensive at a ski with a motor lol

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