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    Engine will not start, only with starter spray


    I broke the oil pump. And I've removed. I do mix.

    I do not know if that's why. But now the pwc can not go on, as much as I press the start button will not start.

    Only I get to start the engine with starter spray, spraying into the cylinders.

    After spraying the cylinder, I press the power button and everything works fine. At first

    But if I stop using the pwc for 1 or 2 hours, I have to re-spray the cylinders.

    Is this what it may be due?

    Best regards.

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    I used this engine starter

    Click image for larger version. 

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    You may have dirty carbs...

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    Thanks Rivera!

    Best regards

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    I have an old waverunner 3 it has a clear fuel filter at the line near the carb , when its been sitting for mayb a couple weeks & the filter is empty i will need to prime the carb with a little premix & it fires right up then if u ride it regular for a few days its fine , i suppose a fuel primer would fix this but i dont have a problem priming it to fire it up b4 i go to the ramp , they say not to use starting fluid because it has no lubrication
    in it a little premix is better

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    One of my 2 strokes has this exact same problem. Change your spark plugs and buy a new battery if yours is not fresh. Under a full water load...a ski with a weak battery will crank and crank but will not fire (at a certain voltage drop). I believe your starting fluid is helping that spark because of the flash point.

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    Do you have a functioning choke or primer?

    If you have a GP1200, a primer should make your starting issues go away.

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    I despise those SBT primers! Or maybe I despise the ethanol gas if that is what is jacking them up so quickly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by macGruber View Post
    I despise those SBT primers!
    One sure thing in life is that an SBT primer will stop working after a few months. You can count on it.

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    I think SBT primers quit to try to save themselves from paying out warranty claims. They figure that if our primers fail we wont be able to run these 1200s long enough to blow them up in the 1 year warranty period. Conspiracy anyone

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