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    Low power only on 2nd half of throttle

    Just replaced battery, and went for a test ride and it had random loss of power at all throttle positions so I replaced all spark plugs. Now after replacing all sparks it has good throttle and idle but when I go above half throttle it sounds like it's bogging down (very similar to the sound traction control cuts power in a car). My screen is totally dead so can't see if there is a fault...I have never used the limited power key, but it kind of seems like that's how the ski would run on kiddie mode if I had to guess

    please help! I have a friend staying for a short while and we want to go ride! Haha

    thnks in advance

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    Did you charge the new battery before putting it in??Did you tighten all the cables???Check your rectifier for output too...

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    Yea topped the battery off before and polished all the leads. And what's the rectifier? Kinda a newb

    edit: I have replaced the rectifier recently. Just forgot what it was called

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    By any chance did you jump started the ski when the old battery was dying? Or maybe tried to charge it without disconnecting it first?
    If you did Snoman is most likely right and your rectifier/voltage regulator is fried...

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    I'll check the voltage at the battery when idling. But that would cause it to bog at higher throttles?

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    Voltage rising above the limits when revved up...
    (so I would also check the voltage while revving up, as it might still look ok at idle)

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    any error codes?

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    Maybe error codes, but my LCD is totally waterlogged and destroyed

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    Just checked the voltage, 12 at power off. Just shy of 14 at idle and revving so it would seem the rectifier is good

    normal is long beep then short beeps indicating good to start, mine is this: a pause, short beeps like it's ready, 4 second long beep, then the regular chirps reminding u the key is in and ready to start. After starting it starts no problem, then a 4 second long beeb then silence. So probably an error code but my display is fried so idk what it is....

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    Often real lean. It takes tools to trouble shoot the EFI stuff. Buds, Vtech, Candoopro....

    The trick is figuring out why it is lean. The possibilities list is fairly long.


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