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    2006 STX 15F overheating / Hot start

    In May of this year I bought two 2006 Kawasaki STX 15F Skis. I have been battling overheating and hot start problems on one of them since. Thanks to this forum and input from Sean, I have made head way and improvements.
    This weekend I had somebody come over and give me a hand who has a great deal more experience with engines, specifically marine. My goal was to swap the temp sensors in the skis to verify the hot start problem. His advice was to investigate the overheating. We started by comparing OHMs values on the exhaust manifold temperature sensors between the two skis. We then noticed some corrosion on the under sided of the exhaust manifold on the ski that is overheating. This lead to completely removing the exhaust manifold. We found that there are holes corroded through on the exhaust ports on the manifold, water ports are plugged and there is a large hole on the under side of the exhaust pipe where it meets the hose connecting it to the tank.

    Why I am posting this, before I purchase the OEM parts, I wanted to know if there are aftermarket parts or maybe suggestions for enhancing the performance since I am this deep into it? Also open to suggestions.

    Manufacturer: Kawasaki
    Year: 2006
    Model : STX 15F (JT1200D6F)

    Parts Diagram for muflers:

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    First, Don't buy a new exhaust. You can find a good one on ebay at a decent price, just make sure it doesn't have any corrosion, or patches.

    It sounds like you've got a ski with a lot of corrosion. If it were mine, (and I go overboard) I would use this opportunity to pull the motor and inspect everything and make sure you don't have any other problems waiting to come out. Pull the head, and clean the corrosion out of the cylinder passages, and check the water intake pipe that is bolted to the cylinders. Pull the PTO coupler, and the plate that cools the rear mag housing bearing. Its water cooled, and probably full of corrosion. check the mag and bendix for rust. Make sure the waterbox doesn't have excessive corrosion on the inside because the baffles can break loose, and plug the exhaust. Check the oil cooler also. Check the starter, starter solenoid, fuel pump, fuel filter, throttle cable, reverse cable, steering cable, and check the throttle body. Now is the time to find any other problems. You don't want to be shut down during the season because you can't do something like change the starter because the bolts are frozen and break. Corrosion can turn a simple fix into a week of downtime. The fact that none of the exhaust bolts broke is a good sign. I've had some break off in the head before on a ski with light corrosion. The 6 mm allen bolts on the front of the cylinder head that go from the head to the case are bad about corroding and not coming out also. You might get lucky, and fix the exhaust, and then never have to touch the engine again. But that wouldn't happen to me.

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    As far as aftermarket parts, sponsons and a nozzle wedge will make it handle a lot better.

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